Welcome to nyki.net! 

This site is for sharing my hobbies and interests. My main hobby now is photography, I love my camera and take it out as often as I can. My seasonal hobbies are rearing butterflies & moths and gardening. I am not necessarily any good at my hobbies, but I enjoy them and that’s the whole point.

Our latest project is producing high quality video clips for use within commercial and editorial media projects, on a royalty-free basis. Our stock footage can be found at StockVideoMedia.com and is sold through Pond5.com.

Also check out all our latest videos at allthestuffwedo.com or our YouTube channel which has an ever growing number of videos about the places we visit, product reviews, photography and loads of other fun stuff! Please like and subscribe!

Our website is full of places to visit, product reviews, photography and other fun stuff!